Tempo Matching

Drawing on almost 30 years of musical knowledge, expertise and the latest editing technology, Fortissimo Freestyles will exactly match the music to your horse’s different gaits. This is especially important, as judges have been instructed to watch the footfalls of the horse’s front legs to see how they correspond to the music. This is one of the most significant factors that you will be assessed on, but how often do we see music that doesn’t fit? 



The Music

If you have a particular preference for a certain style of music you should advise me of your preference, and I will accommodate you as best I can. I have an extensive library of music and I also have access to an unlimited database of music. I will consult closely with you to make sure your music reflects your horse’s personality. Please keep an open mind for your selection. The choice of music is only limited by the imagination. The more variety you are open to, the more dynamic and original your performance will be.



Editing is done using the latest computer technology, so your freestyle will be seamless and fluid. If you have a particular piece of music that you just “have to have” that doesn’t quite fit your horse, the tempo can be adjusted to match perfectly, provided it is not too different, otherwise it will distort the timbre of the instruments. Some pieces of music may need to be made louder or softer and fade-in’s and fade-out’s are also necessary to allow for smooth transitions. Existing recordings are used for superior clarity of sound. None of the music used is computer generated.



I will work in close consultation with the rider to design choreography that specifically enhances your horse’s best movements.

Your test will be fluid, balanced and harmonious to rides and pleasing to watch. I will also make sure it is within the time limits appropriate for you particular level and style of competition and that all the rules have been adhered to.


                                   Fortissimo Clinics

If you have ever wanted to learn more about freestyle design then a Fortissimo Clinic is for you. Clinics are tailored to meet the specific needs of the club and are great fun where you can bring your own horse or come along as a spectator. For more information on this service  [click here]

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