Step 1.

The first step in the design process involves me viewing your horse, either in person or by video or dvd. If I am designing your choreography, I will have you ride it through and check for rideablity and to make sure it is within the time limits. Once we are both satisfied with these elements it can then be filmed and sent to me

However, if you have choreographed your own test, you can send me a video or dvd of you riding the completed test on a full sized arena. You will need to make sure it is within the time limits for your particular level before filming as this will save a lot of time and frustration for you, your horse and the person filming.

The video recording will need to be of a high enough standard, that I can see all of the horse’s movements clearly. The camera you use will need to have the ability to zoom, and should be mounted onto a tripod when filming. In order to accurately match the tempo of your horse’s paces, I will also need to see your horse working with white wraps on the front legs.

Step 2.

After observing your paces and discussing the genre of music you prefer, I can start compiling selections of Walk, Trot, Canter, and Passage and Piaffe music for you. I will then email you different selections for each pace. It is imperative that you ride to the music at this point. This will help you to determine which music best compliments your horse’s persona and which of the pieces of music you like to ride to.

Step 3.

When you have decided which pieces you would like for each of your horses paces, I will then complete the final edit of your music. By now I will have matched your horse’s paces exactly to the music and accurately timed each section of your test. The final editing ensures that your music is recorded at an appropriate volume and well blended for fluency. Once the final version of your music is recorded, I will send you 2 CD’s of the finest quality, to guarantee that you have superior sound and reliable products.

A digital master copy of your music is archived at Fortissimo Freestyles in case you require any changes to be made in the future, or if your copies are lost or damaged and need to be replaced. Once you have received your final edited version of the music, you will need to ride your test with the music, in an accurately sized arena  before the competition. This way you will learn when the changes are coming up and where you need to be located in the arena, throughout the test.

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