Fortissimo Freestyles is a business that is dedicated purely to the development of all equestrian freestyles, including Dressage Freestyles, Pony Dressage Freestyles and any other equestrian discipline that can be performed to music. Regardless of your level of competition, Fortissimo Freestyles will accommodate your musical requirements with an unequalled approach to making your freestyle one to remember.  

Your freestyle is a performance, which begins even before you enter the arena. Your entry music should capture the judges and audiences attention immediately and it is my responsibility to ensure they stay captivated throughout your entire test/performance.



Audience participation is created by intriguing choreography and dynamic, expressive music, which will illuminate the personality of your horse and the essence of your test.  

Fortissimo Freestyles can guarantee strict tempo matches for your horses paces and movements, as well as continuity and fluency for your freestyle music. The pieces of music used in your test will be professionally mixed to produce an overall mood and style, and will allow for smooth transitions throughout your performance. Attention to detail is a necessity, not just luxury for my clients, along with unequalled personal service.

Photography by Sally Alden


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