Clinics are available by request and each clinic is individually tailored to the participating clubs requirements. I can accommodate 4 Individual Riders with a Musical Ride or Pas de Duex or any variation of the above. I am flexible as the aim is to have fun. If there is no musical ride then I can accommodate more individual riders.
Clinics are conducted over 2 days and comprehensive course notes are included. Spectators are involved in every step of the process.
A Musical Ride can be incorporated into the schedule where I can accommodate 10 quiet horses. All work is done at the walk and trot and is an all ages fun activity developed specifically for people who may not necessarily want to be competitive but would still enjoy the thrill of riding to music. The club keeps their music for future demonstrations/displays.
In these clinics I incorporate a night time presentation where participants can join together over dinner and enjoy an audio visual presentation of freestyles of all levels from Novice to Grand Prix. We discuss, as a group, all elements of freestyle design concentrating on choreography and music selection and generally get to know each other.
Day 1
As a group (spectators included), choreography will be designed specifically for each individual horse and rider combination required of their level.
We will incorporate compulsory movements, time limits, elements of risk and learn how to design choreography that is fluent, easy to follow, with innovative patterns that makes good use of the arena. 
Riders will then ride through their tests a couple of times before being filmed for the editing of their music.
Musical ride participants will learn and ride their choreography as well as being filmed.
Day 2
Day 2's focus is on music selection. How to choose music to best reflect your horses personality, continuity or use of a theme to tell a story, the use of phrasing and the importance of tempo matching. We will have covered this also in the evening presentation.
Having edited the music for each horse/rider combination, people will have the opportunity to ride to their music after which we will be asking for feedback from the rider and spectators to see what worked, how it felt and what changes (if any) would be made in the future.
I will film each performance so we can view each one after lunch as a group.
Musical Ride participants will also have the opportunity to ride with their music and be filmed.
I will spend time fielding any questions people may have and I will also spent time discussing equipment and it's uses.
Judges are a very welcome addition as it is always interesting to have their input from a choreographical perspective.
Equipment required at grounds 
60 x 20 arena with markers.
Suitable sound system to play music.
Roving microphone.
Table and chair.
Parking for floats/trucks.
Water and Wash bay.
Individual video's available for $10 each.
Spectators $60
Musical Ride Participants $80
Individual Riders - refer to pricing page for your level

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