Fortissimo Freestyles Trading Terms as of December 2010

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These terms apply to every order for an edited musical arrangement (‘Arrangement’) from Fortissimo Freestyles and prevail over any prior arrangement, understanding or agreement between Fortissimo Freestyles and the person placing the order (‘You’). Any order that You place with Fortissimo Freestyles is subject to its acceptance which it may decline without assigning any reason. Once your order is accepted, You can not cancel it.
“The Arrangement supplied to You, on CD or in a MP3 file or on any other medium, belongs to Fortissimo Freestyles and is protected by copyright law.  You must not alter, rearrange, modify, loan, sell, resell or otherwise deal with the Arrangement without the prior written consent of Fortissimo Freestyles.”
In addition to any statutory rights that can not be excluded, Fortissimo Freestyles will repair or replace any defective medium on which the Arrangement is stored which results directly from a manufacturing or recording defect, provided it receives the defective material and a written statement of the nature of the problem within 14 days of dispatch of the Arrangement to You. The media containing the Arrangement may contain viruses and/or malicious software and You must scan it before opening and using it.
Fortissimo Freestyles and its employees and agents will not be liable to You for any claims, actions (including for negligence), loss and damage (including special, personal, indirect and consequential) caused by or relating to the supply, non-supply or delayed supply of your Arrangement or playing the Arrangement with any sound equipment or attempting to do so. The law of New South Wales, Australia, applies to every order placed with Fortissimo Freestyles.
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